Fitness Goals

Posted by Adrienne Herrenbruck on Feb 8th 2017

For years I’ve been working on getting healthy, fit, skinny, you know, bikini ready. I’ll start any plan with written goals, a perfect outline for eating and exercising, and loads of motivation. I get going and like the plan, but along the way, something fades. There are too many social gatherings for me to stick to my diet, too many early mornings and late nights to stay consistent with my workouts, and then eventually there I am again, frustrated and coming up with new goals (really the same goals, just writing them down again). I finally broke this cycle when I stopped one single thing about how I looked at my healthy lifestyle. I stopped associating time with my goals. Yea, I know, one of the quintessential steps in creating SMART goals is to make it time-oriented! But guess what? This didn’t work for me.

The main reason I think eliminating time from my health goals is important, is that it finally get’s at the idea of this being a LIFESTYLE. Everyone says it, but few actually do it….is it really a lifestyle if we only care to have abs by May 31st? If it’s June 31st when it happens, have we failed? If it takes two years, have we failed? I say no! The important thing about fitness goals is to realize that you’ll always have them. Even when you get your so-called “goal - body” you’ll realize you may want to improve other things or challenge yourself in new ways (can someone please help me do handstands??? I’m struggling). So you got down to your goal weight, but you realize now, after all that work, that you’d like to be able to do something else. Now you want to be able to do pull-ups, now you want to be able to run a marathon, whatever it is, we will continuously find new goals for ourselves, and this is exactly what we SHOULD be doing; challenging ourselves to do more, be better, all the while giving ourselves grace throughout the journey.

So, y’all, the fact is that if you don’t see your abs this summer, but they magically appear once sweater season is back in full swing, good for you, you kept working. You pushed yourself and met a goal, and guess what, those abs will be there next swimsuit season, so you’re way ahead of the ballgame.

Adrienne is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, has a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, and is currently working on her PhD (#nerd). She loves working one on one with people and helping them find a balance between working hard for their goals and allowing themselves some grace. When she’s not working or working out, you’ll likely find her with toes in the sand, coffee in hand, and listening to hipster cocktail party radio on Pandora. Be sure to follow along on her journey @adrienneherrenbruck on Instagram and on her blog at