Barre to Bar Yoga Pant - Charcoal Grey (SOLD OUT!)

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Barre to Bar Yoga Pant - Charcoal Grey (SOLD OUT!)

Introducing the Barre to Bar Yoga Pant. This is the pair of yoga pants that will take you anywhere you want to go - even to your post-workout happy hour. The four-way stretch fabric not only super soft, but also incredibly moisture-wicking, and will be sure to leave you sweat free by the time you meet up with your friends for drinks! The mid-rise, wide waistband gives you the perfect amount of coverage to make you look slimmer while at the same time creating lift where you want it. 

Recommended for: Yoga + Running + Barre + Pilates + Gym + Miscellaneous activities + Day-to-day

The Barre to Bar Pants are made of 44% Nylon, 44 Polyester and 12% Spandex.

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